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With music as their soul and Santa Fe as their heart, MSSF been able to transcend function and turn it into fine art. In appreciation of the humble work horse of the music industry and in combination with the spirituality offered by Santa Fe, MSSF will be creating a cast of worldly characters that show there is more going on if we take the time and really look. Not just a music stand, but sculpture that is 


"Made to be played with." 


Each music stand is individually designed and cut, hand bent and finished, and then custom powder coated to make each one an original, one-of-a-kind work of art. Every music stand has our name and year, the title of the piece, and signature cut into the base area as a part of the design. The bottom of the base area has a thick clear rubber coating to protect it when used outside or moved around. 



They do not adjust, you adjust to them. It's up to the owner to figure out everything they do. For additional information contact MSSF at




or send an email to:



     We all want an ally on our side.     


MSSF at the Shidoni Arts Gallery in Tesuque, NM.












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